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Reasons Why Teak Is Great For Outdoor Furniture

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When purchasing outdoor furniture, you have to take extra consideration when selecting the materials used as these will dictate the longevity of your furniture. Even if you plan to position your furniture under shelter in your outdoor living space, it will still have higher exposure to the elements than indoor furniture. One of the more popular materials used in creating outdoor furniture is teak. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider teak furniture for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor teak furniture is resistant to pests

One of the greatest characteristics that outdoor teak furniture has is its inherent pest resistance. The natural oils that this wood produces protect it from fungal infections, termites, and a range of other insects. Since one of the greatest risks to outdoor furniture is termites, you are better off investing in wood that will naturally protect itself from these critters. This pest resistance ensures that the teak has a significant lifespan, hence making it a superior option when compare to other species of wood.

Outdoor teak furniture can moderate heat

Heat moderation is essential for outdoor furniture because these pieces will be exposed to extremely high and low temperatures as the seasons change. With outdoor teak furniture, you do not have to worry about your chairs becoming extremely hot during the summer months, as they will not absorb too much heat. This is unlike other materials such as metal or plastic that can prove uncomfortable to sit on during the sweltering summer months.

Outdoor teak furniture is resistant to decay

Teak is a highly dense wood. This not only works toward making it extremely sturdy, but it also makes it harder to succumb to rot and decay. Additionally, this type of wood has inherent water resistant properties. Since the wood will not absorb excessive amounts of water, even when exposed to rainy conditions, it makes it less likely for it to succumb to rot and decay. All these characteristics work toward protecting its structural integrity for the long term.

Outdoor teak furniture has structural stability

Other types of wood furniture will require regular maintenance to ensure that they do not begin to succumb to exposure to the elements. This typically happens in the form of warping, splintering of the wood, buckling and more. Teak has a high structural stability, which makes it less likely to shrink or warp no matter the conditions it is exposed to. Additionally, it does not require protective sealing for it to maintain its dimensions.

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