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Top Trends in Hospitality Mattresses

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Running a vacation cabin is fun because you get to meet people from all over the world, especially if you offer an unrivalled experience that guests will remember for a long time. While you have many ways to ensure that guests enjoy their stay in your vacation home, few rival quality sleep. When guests arrive at a vacation cabin after a long trip, many of them want to lie down and rest. Therefore, make sure that your mattresses are up to the task if you aim for constant return guests. This article highlights top hospitality mattress trends to look at when you plan for replacements of commercial mattresses.

Double-Sided Mattresses

Typically, mattresses come in three different firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. While some people prefer soft or medium firmness, others opt for a firm mattress. As a vacation cabin manager, you might not know how firm your guests want their mattresses. You could guess and equip each room with a mattress of a particular firmness level. For example, if your cabin has four rooms, you could place two soft mattresses in the first two rooms and medium firmness mattresses in the remaining rooms.

Luckily, you do not have to take the route because you can buy double-sided mattresses. One side is soft while the other side is medium soft. Therefore, guests can choose the side that offers them maximum comfort.

Celliant-Infused Mattress

Many tourists travel to Australia during the summer to hit the beach. However, Australia's summer heat can be unforgiving and even make sleeping a problem. Although the air conditioning system in your vacation cabin will often ensure that guests sleep comfortably, your choice of mattress still plays an integral role. Currently, many mattress manufacturers use the innovative proprietary synthetic fibre called celliant in their products. Celliant-infused mattresses absorb the body's radiant energy, convert it to infrared energy, and reflect it to the body. It helps control body temperature, allowing for cooler sleeping.

Plant-Based Foam

Today, businesses have become environmentally conscious, and many hotels have replaced their traditional memory foam with plant-based foam mattresses. Why? Traditional foam mattresses are made from unrecyclable latex. Additionally, foam mattresses still suffer from salient issues, such as heat retention, odour and firmness unpredictability. Apart from being eco-friendly, plant-based foam made from soya improves mattress breathability and has excellent heat-retention capability. Furthermore, the mattresses are free from chemicals, such as formaldehyde and VOCs.