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Practical Guide for Choosing Woven Furniture

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For the contemporary homeowner, choosing furniture pieces for a patio is a welcome headache because of the wide variety of quality pieces in the market to choose from. For instance, you can find furniture made from natural materials, such as wood, or synthetic components, like plastic. However, if you love to mix uniqueness and quality, you should choose woven patio furniture. The pieces of furniture are made from natural materials, such as grass and vines, weaved together to achieve a unique look. That said, you need to make a few considerations when buying woven patio furniture. This article offers practical tips for choosing woven furniture.

Weave Pattern

One of the most important aspects you should look at when buying woven furniture is the weave pattern. It is crucial to understand that weaving furniture is a tedious process, primarily because the pieces are handmade. Notably, the difference between quality woven furniture and substandard pieces is the number of strand rows. The best furniture has tightly packed strands, which ensures that a weave pattern remains in place at all times.

On the other hand, low-quality woven furniture has loosely packed strands, which allows the weave pattern to sway into different directions. It is advisable to go with the former option; however, the furniture cost a bit more.

Support System 

The vines and grass strands used to weave patio furniture must be pliable enough to bend around cornered and curved sections. However, pliability also means that the strands might not be strong enough to support a user's weight. For this reason, you must choose woven furniture with the right kind of support system. Quality woven patio furniture has a robust support system made from either thick gauge aluminium or wood frames. Some furniture features a netted support grid that offers additional support to the seating area. That said, ensure that the support system does not add too much weight to woven furniture. You should rearrange the furniture without struggling.

Dual Purpose Pieces 

You can do so much on your patio, including playing board games and reading. However, you can still do more with woven furniture. For example, you can store your supplies in woven furniture, among other things. It can be easily achieved with dual-purpose woven furniture that has in-built storage compartments. Besides, woven side stools can be joined to form a centre table. The more you can get from woven pieces of furniture, the better.

To learn more about woven or wicker furniture, contact a furniture company today.