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4 Types of People Who Will Love Having Pillow Top Mattresses

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Pillow top mattresses are designed just like normal mattresses, except they have an extra layer of padding stitched across the top. They might not be for everybody, but pillow top mattresses are great for certain people.

Here are four types of people who will love having a pillow top mattress.

1. People Whose Partners Move Around a Lot

Sleeping with your partner is fantastic, until they start moving around a lot. Some people just naturally like to move while they sleep, and some even start kicking their legs. Obviously this can prove pretty disruptive for the other person, either stopping them getting to sleep in the first place or waking them up when they do, but these movements are often impossible for the sleeper to control. A pillow top mattress can help due to the added support and the fact that you're lying into the mattress instead of simply on top of it. Body movements will be absorbed, and people will be less able to move around than they would on a normal mattress.

2. People Who Prefer Softer Mattresses

Another difference that people tend to have when it comes to mattresses is thickness. Some people like to sink into something nice and bouncy, while others will swear by the benefits of sleeping on something firmer. If you like to sleep on a softer mattress, you'll love using a pillow top one. There's a whole extra layer into which you can sink, and the additional cushioning between body and mattress often means that the mattress will last a little longer.

3. People with Back or Joint Problems

One issue that people suffering from back or joint issues tend to have with pillow top mattresses is a lack of complete support. Due to the weight distribution of the body while lying down, some areas won't be as supported as others, but the additional cushioning effect yielded by a pillow top mattress can ensure that all parts of the body, including the spinal cord, shoulder, and back, are provided with proper support throughout the night.

4. People Who Sleep Cold

Some people get too hot while they sleep, while others tend to get too cold. If you often find yourself waking up feeling too warm, a pillow top mattress probably isn't the best option, but they're great for those who often wake up feeling chilly. Because your body is surrounded by the pillowing material, the heat that your body does produce becomes caught in its fibres. When you wake up and press your hand on it, you'll find that it is warmer to the touch than a mattress would be, and this is because the pillowing material is better able to absorb heat.