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Want to Avoid Faded Outdoor Teak? 3 Actions to Preserve the Honey-Coloured Appeal of Teak Furniture

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Outdoor teak furniture is highly resilient thanks to its quality and exterior friendliness. The naturally oily and dense nature of teak offers it protection from weather elements and pests. The oil prevents water from soaking into the wood, which means that teak furniture can endure rainy and windy conditions with ease. While new teak wood produces a honey colour, it fades and develops a greyish finish over time. This cosmetic change doesn't affect wood strength. If you want to retain the original honey colour of your faded teak furniture, follow these restoration steps.

Give Furniture a Thorough Clean

Outdoor teak furniture is subject to all kinds of weather conditions and pollutants, so dust and debris are more than likely to settle on it. To clean this furniture, mix a few drops of laundry detergent with water. Clean each piece using a lint-free cloth dipped in this cleaning solution. You may need to use a soft-bristled brush to tackle grimy areas. Once you're done, use a damp cloth dipped in clean water to eliminate all traces of cleaning solution and dirt from the wooden surface. Instead of using liquid detergent and water, you can also use a specialised teak cleaner available at a home improvement store for getting rid of dirt and grime on outdoor teak furniture.

Sand Each Piece to Bring Out the Inner Wood Colour

Since the outdoor layer of teak turns grey, the sanding process is undertaken to bring out the inner layer honey colour of wood. This sanding process strips the outer layers thoroughly. You should ideally use only medium-grit sandpaper for this job because it will remove the outer layer evenly from the teak furniture surface. Soft-grit sandpaper will not adequately strip off the outer layer, while coarse-grit sandpaper can leave gouges. Sand each piece gently to bring out the inner honey-coloured layer of wood.

Apply Teak Sealer to Restore Original Honey Colour

Once the sanding process is complete, you will need to apply teak sealer using a paintbrush. Teak sealer is available at most home improvement stores, so look for something that will restore the original honey-coloured finish of your outdoor teak furniture. Teak sealer also helps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew on furniture. Once you apply this sealer generously on your furniture, you will need to give it enough time to dry. Follow the drying time instructions suggested by the manufacturer for the best outcome.

These easy actions will help you restore the original honey-coloured visual appeal of your faded and timeworn outdoor teak furniture. To get in touch with professionals, click here for more information.